Tianshu Shi

This new series of the cabinet is designed for the Italy furniture company, Missaglia. We implement contemporary furniture style with IOT solution for hospital 4.0. In order to maximize customization and easy for production, we design a minimal aluminum profile for the wheels, stands and for containing new technology.

The medical product needs to ultimately balance between intuition, security and hygienic with new technology.




The IOT handle will be the best solution for hospital 4.0, it can easily manage authorization for different users, it can also collect all the activity data in the hospital. IOT handle with fingerprint and NFC will be easy access and more security.



On the Medicine cabinet, here has installed the IOT handle which can easily manage medicines and record access activities.

Under the top cabinets, here are integrated LED and USB ports into the same aluminum profile which has structure and different functionalities.  

In the reserved area, here are huge document cabinets which using drawer for storage and manage documents. By using drawer type of cabinet will be more ergonomic and save more space.

The handle of the mobility cabinet has been integrated with the fingerprint security system, moving, opening function into one.

On the mobility cabinet, there are USB ports are available for charging your mobile and small devices.

360° rotating wheels are top quality designed to carry heavy loads.


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