Weichih Chen

Troval is modular travel tool system which brings the new perspective to the traveler market. Nowadays, power bank becomes one of the necessary product which we have to bring with us during travel. But most of the time we don't use it for other purposes. Why don't we extend the possibilities of power bank?

Every travel has its special meaning, we should create highly personalized, extremely flexible product for our needs.




Troval modular travel tool system integrates the needs of different users that does matter for their travel, such as grooming, cleaning, lighting, etc. Troval optimizes their way of travel, they don't need to carry multiple products at the same time, just bring the modules which they need for that specific trip.




The joint between each module has strong magnets which with physical mortise and tenon structure that make Troval modular system more stable and easy to adapt each other.

The basic set of Troval has integrated the lighting source for the night out or when you back to where you stay.

The basic Troval set including a charging station which allows user charging Troval power bank and your devices at the same time. You don’t need to worry not enough plug socket.

When you attach Troval motor with toothbrush set, you can easily clean your teeth like using decent electric toothbrush.

When you have an important business trip, you can attach different grooming heads for grooming your face, beard, and hairs.

Every piece of "Troval" modular system has a very slim shape and same profile, you can easily store them together with the magnets on both sides. it highly light and portable during your travel journey.


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