Yuntong Zhang
Irem Tekogul

In the future, the average size of households is shrinking, and new technology and electronic goods become hidden that nearly invisible but existing in the living environment. AURA is a refrigerator that accompanies the changing lifestyle of small families through a more affable language which brings the warm and domestic feeling into the contemporary home appliances.

In the future, home appliances will be part of your furniture, and technology will be nearly invisible but existing around you.




Unlike other cold distant looking hi-tech appliances, AURA resembles a genial cabinet. AURA adjusts the brightness of the interior lighting panel according to the distance of the
users. Dividing the door into smaller compartments allows users to have quick access to the frequently used items, thus reducing the energy waste by optimizing user behavior.



When approached by the user, the brightness increases as if AURA warmly greets them. At the same time, the soft backlight creates elegant silhouettes of the items inside on the translucent glass door, to remind the users what they have in the fridge without having to open the door.

A designated breakfast compartment is accessed through a separate flipping door. When the compartment is flipped 180 degrees, the panel closes the gap, preventing the cold air from escaping. Thus, the user can keep the items outside while having breakfast without concerning about energy waste.

Two quick access drawers for beverages work in a similar way: when the drawers are pulled outwards and tilted, the back panels seal the gap while the user can easily reach bottles.

Moreover, there is another quick access door for eggs or small items.


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