Tianshu Shi

HALOS is garden tool family which including the blower, hedge trimmer and brush cutter. The concept of HALOS is to create a series of simplicity and friendly garden tools for the domestic environment.

The shape of HALOS followed along the internal components, and reduced burdensome decors to
create the most honest shape for its identity. The details of HALOS are quite and sophisticated
which easy to adapt to any kind of domestic area.

Garden tools are no longer just for the professional user, it will become home accessories that fit with your lovely garden.




HALOS battery is the core feature of this family line which created the connection between these three products. By using smart way to integrate handle into the battery which makes HALOS battery become a beautiful facade with handle function. And its half oval shape becomes a clear indicator for user easily understand how to insert the battery into different tools.


HALOS hedge trimmer is easy handling for the right-hand and left-hand user. The purpose of this design is trying to find the balance between safety and easiness. 

The handles of edge trimmer are composed of soft rubber finish which embeds the handle. For better controlling this tool, the front handle integrated the horizontal safety switch.  

The ventilation holes placed on the front part of the body, the pattern of the ventilation holes are gently transformed from the side to the middle.



HALOS brush cutter has been designed with an easily adjustable knob which gives the user the flexibility to adjust and fix height with a simple twist.

The intuitive user interface, change high and low speed by push the button up and down.

The cutting head implements the same design language as the main body.

The handle of HALOS blower is placed on top that more comfortable and more ergonomy for the user.

The air intake holes are placed at the back of the body. The hole
pattern gently transform from the center to the side.

The power indicators are placed on the battery which easy and clear for the different status.



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